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 UH-FI Series

Testing Machines

As global environmental problems become more and more serious, materials are required to provide light weight, high strength and reliability. The UH Series Shimadzu Universal Testing Machines are new universal testing machines that provide various functions enabling more accurate and simplified measurement of the strength required for various materials.


  • The UH Series enable high-precision force measurement conforming to the global standards.
  • The UH series provide automatic control programs as standard functions.
  • After a specimen is mounted, all operations can be automatically performed.
  • The UH series are high-quality products manufactured in the factory that acquired the ISO9001 certification.

UH-FI Series

  • Easy-to-operate front-opening hydraulic grips 
    The front-opening hydraulic grips using the center hole hydraulic cylinder improves the efficiency in removing a specimen and scale, and ensures safe operation. Also, these grips enable even long specimens to be easily mounted.
    These grips can be enhanced th the highly-functional, labor-saving model that has the automatic grip face changing functions.
  • The compression plate can be easily mounted and dismounted. 
    A wrench or other tool is not necessary.
  • A specimen grip position index is provided 
    With the specimen grip position index, the grips can easily and accurately grip a specimen.
  • The grip face holder is equipped with a safety stopper 
    The safety stopper precents the right and left grip faces from coming into contact due to erroneous operation, so that the grip faces will not be damaged.
  • The UH-FI series can be enhanced to a fully-automated tensile test system 
    All operations including specimen dimension measurement, specimen feeding operation, test data processing and chart display can be automated.