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AUtograph AG-X

AG-Xplus Series Precision Universal Testers

Superior Performance with Easier Operation and Support



Superior Testing Performance for the Most Demanding of Applications

Shimadzu’s AG-X plus series universal testers deliver high-level control, intuitive operation, and convenient support functions. Compatible with a wide range of testing accessories, including grips for tensile testing, plates for compression testing, three- and four-point bending jigs, environmental chambers, extensometers, and many more, the AG-X plus series are the primary choice for demanding testing applications.

Seven models comprise the AG-X plus standard series:

  • Up to 10 kN (up to 2,200 lbf) tabletop model
  • 20 kN / 50 kN (4,400 lbf / 11,000 lbf) tabletop model
  • 20 kN / 50 kN (4,400 lbf / 11,000 lbf) floor model
  • 100 kN (22,000 lbf) floor model
  • 250 kN / 300 kN (55,000 lbf / 66,000 lbf) floor model
  • Up to 5 kN (up to 1,100 lbf) high-speed tabletop model
  • Up to 10 kN (up to 2,200 lbf) short-column tabletop model

Custom Options

In addition to the standard series, special models include:

Extended height models with 250 mm, 500 mm, or 750 mm (9.8 in, 19.7 in, or 29.5 in) column extensions

Wide frame models with effective test widths of 975 mm, 1,100 mm, or 1,375 mm (38.4 in, 43.3 in, or 54.1 in)

Large capacity series consisting of models with capacities of 500 kN, 600 kN, 1,000 kN, or 2,000 kN (110,000 lbf, 132,000 lbf, 220,000 lbf, or 440,000 lbf)

Ultrahigh-speed models, capable of exceeding 6,000 mm/min (236 in/min) crosshead speed

Ultralow-speed models, with speeds as low as 0.00005 mm/min (0.000002 in/min)


Engineered to the Highest Standards

A highly rigid frame is essential for high-accuracy testing applications. All AG-X plus tabletop and floor models incorporate a crosshead guide that significantly enhances torsional rigidity compared to conventional models. An attached Smart Controller shows test force and displacement in real-time, allows fine position adjustment using the a controller, controls certain grips, and operates automatic extensometers.

Ultrafast Sampling and Improved Control Resolution

Data sampling every 0.2 msec (5 kHz) captures the most sudden fluctuations in test force with greater accuracy, such as the failure of brittle materials. Test results are sensitive to control resolution of the testing speed, especially at low test speeds. AG-X plus models feature an eight-fold improvement of the control resolution compared with previous AG-X models.

Highly Accurate, Wide-Range Load Cells

Load cells with ±0.5% accuracy and a wide guaranteed accuracy range from 1/1 to 1/1000 of the maximum capacity improve testing efficiency by ensuring testing can be performed without switching load cells or jigs. Load cells for the AG-X plus standard series are available with maximum capacities of 10 N to 300 kN (2.2 lbf to 66,000 lbf).

Data Acquisition Using a Multitude of Devices

Up to 12 channels of data can be simultaneously collected by a PC for immediate analysis. Data from multiple strain gauges can be read, alongside test force readings.

Convenient Safety Features

Safety covers with an interlock improve operation safety and control scattering of specimen debris during testing. Dual emergency-stop switches are provided, as is a touch-alarm which alerts an operator and stops the tester if a certain force is exceeded during specimen setting or crosshead return.

Test Control Options

Optional LCD Touch Panel

Using an optional LCD touch panel, test methods can be quickly selected and graphs of data viewed directly without having to connect to a PC.

Trapezium X Testing Software

After frequently-used methods are stored in the Quick Method List, Trapezium X testing software allows tests to be started in just one step. Levels of user access can be managed by an Administrator. A Visual Wizard helps with entry of method settings and illustrations guide the selection of data process parameters. Detailed reports with a flexible layout are easily generated and outputted in PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and HTML formats.