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AUtograph AGS-X




Shimadzu’s AGS-X series of universal testers combines advanced specifications with a cost-effective, modern design. By incorporating multiple control options, load cells with maximum capacities from 1 N (0.22lbf) to 300 kN (66,000lbf), and the utmost in safety considerations, the AGS-X series delivers practical testing solutions.

In addition, the selection of tensile grips, compression plates, three- and four-point bending jigs, environmental chambers, extensometers, and other testing accessories provided by Shimadzu allow configurations to be tailored to almost any application.

AGS-X models:

Up to 10 kN (up to 2,200 lbf) tabletop model

*20 kN (4,400 lbf) tabletop model

*50 kN (11,000 lbf) tabletop model

*100 kN (22,000 lbf) floor model

*300 kN (66,000 lbf) floor model

Extended Frame Models

As well as the different frame capacities offered, extended-column height models with 250 mm or 500 mm (9.8 in or 19.7 in) column extensions are available for tensile testing specimens with large elongations.



Easily Control of Stress and Strain

The AGS-X series is able to auto-tune control parameters in real-time based on measured test force and strain data. This feature is useful when testing:

Iron and steel - In addition to conventional stress control, easily perform tensile testing with strain control according to ISO 6892-2009 and JIS Z2241-2010

Plastics and resin - Measure the modulus of elasticity in the ultra-small strain domain according to ISO 527, ISO 178, and JIS K7171

Ceramics - Avoid sample damage as the AGS-X provides exact control right from the start of testing

Accurate Stress-Strain Curves with Class 0.5 Load Cells and High-Speed Data Sampling

±0.5% accuracy load cells with a wide, guaranteed range from 1/1 to 1/500 of the maximum capacity help improve testing efficiency because multiple tests can be performed without switching load cells and accessories. Furthermore, high-speed data sampling of up to 1 msec (1 kHz) ensures no missed strength changes.

Comprehensive Safety Measures


Safety functions include one-touch stroke limiters to stop testing when a certain stroke is achieved, optional safety covers to protect the operator from any specimen debris, and easily accessible emergency-stop switches.

Test Control Options

Built-In or External Operation Panel

The up to 10 kN tabletop model features a built-in main operation panel that can be used to create tensile, compression, and cycle test methods. For the 20 kN to 300 kN AGS-X models, an external main operation panel is included which, in addition to setting up tests, can be used to open and close automatic grips, or an automatic extensometer.

Trapezium X Testing Software


A second, extensively used test control option is Shimadzu’s cutting-edge data collection and processing software, Trapezium X. Using the comprehensive Trapezium X virtually all materials development and quality control data analysis requirements are accommodated.